Living with Aphasia

Aphasia is a disorder resulting from damage to the brain due to a stroke or a head injury. The disorder leaves its victim struggling to form expression of language, reading, and writing. Living with the isolating effects of Aphasia can be heartbreaking as communicating with family and friends become uncomfortable and burdensome. Conversation, which once was so natural and easy, becomes something to avoid.

We offer a solution for speech therapy challenges affecting stroke survivors: continuous therapy from home using our DVD program.

Our DVDs give you access to unlimited aphasia therapy at home.

Studies show that the average aphasic person who lives at home receives about 2 hours of speech therapy per week. Recent research indicates that an individual needs at least 8 hours of therapy per week to show continued progress.

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There's no question these programs have been very helpful... within a week to 10 days, we began to see results. - Peter N. from Webster, ME Have questions? Read our FAQ.

Professional Quality

For the past 17 years, Kim has been a Speech-Language Pathologist providing face-to-face aphasia therapy to stroke survivors and brain injury victims. She has a strong passion for working with these individuals, and it is her personal mission is to make their road to recovery easier.

For less than the cost of one outpatient session, you could receive countless hours of clinical quality therapy at home using our DVDs.

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3 Levels of DVD Therapy

All our dvds include both auditory stimulus (hearing the words) and visual stimulus (seeing the words written on the screen) to help with word retrieval.

Level 1: Severe

All level one dvds are for individuals with moderate-severe expressive aphasia. This means the individual has difficulty saying single words. This person is not able to relay his needs verbally and becomes easily frustrated because he knows what he wants to say, but is just not able to get the words out.

Level 2: Moderate

The level 2 DVDs are for those who have moderate expressive aphasia. These specifically focus on putting 2-5 words together into short phrases. These are great for the individual who can say several single words, but has difficulty putting words together into a complete thought.

Level 3: Mild

The level 3 DVDs are for those with mild-moderate aphasia and focus on the viewer putting words together into complete sentences. These are perfect for the individual who can put some words together into short phrases or sentences but continue to have difficulty putting thoughts together into complete sentences consistently.

Ready to get started?

Stroke survivors can maximize recovery by continually practicing these basic exercises. We know that our DVDs will help you or your loved one show progress in recovering from aphasia.

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